Editor’s Note


What does ‘elite’ mean to you?


Depending on whom you ask, the answer would vary as the term’s definition is in a constant state of flux. Some believe that, to be elite, is to have an abundance of resources, whilst others believe the word elite is a title bestowed on leaders, outliers and true innovators of a certain aspect of our truly diverse world.


However, sit back and reflect upon the question ‘what does it mean to be elite?’ and you may realize the answer becomes far more interesting and complex than first perceived.

Could an elite be an individual who actively contributes to society? Or perhaps one who has the ability to make their daily activities a truly enjoyable, self-enriching experience? There is no one correct answer, but instead a great variety of possible ones.


Personally, an elite to me, is an individual who possesses exceptional characteristics and skills in their given field. Being an elite should not be restricted merely to one with a wealth of financial resources, but include also those with a wealth of knowledge and experiences.


The primary purpose of AMONGELITE was to downsize our ever convoluted, rapidly-moving world into more concise, palatable content for one and all, whilst inspiring and innovating individuals to strive towards higher heights.


We welcome you into this carefully curated cocktail of sophistication and refinement. AMONGELITE is our attempt at creating a window where people would be able to experience life’s best moments, told by those who possess everything yet limited by nothing.


So, who is an elite? Only you know the answer to that as your definition of an elite should embody the perfect vision of yourself, the person you strive to become.


Here, two world’s converge: the elite and the mediocre.


My question is,


which will you choose to become?


Have a pleasant stay,


Mr. Editor