3 Hollywood Movie Sets You Could Visit

A chance of turning your fantasy into reality
6 years ago

Thanks to the fact that movies in the Good Old days did not rely as heavily on Technology as today, the majority of them were filmed at real life locations. Thus, if you want to break down the barrier between your fantasy and reality, there are some real locations out there for you to visit. In fact, some of them are so beautiful that you would be forgiven to think about them as a 3D Animation.


Here are 3 Hollywood Movie Sets You could visit …

Jurassic Park

isla nublar hollywood movie sets

A movie which fetched the most harrowing prospects from the human history, Jurassic Park is an all time hit. In fact, it is safe to assume that it was this movie that seemed to produce the assembly line of movies that were based on supernatural creatures.

Coming back to how you could visit it and a trip to the Isla Nublar beckons. This Island is located close to the west coast of Costa Rica.


Planet of the Apes

lake powell

If you have thought previously that the apes and the Monkey in the film were habituating a strange and distant world, allow me to correct you as it was the Lake Powell in Utah, among many other locations, where the movie was filmed.

In addition to fulfilling your fantasy, this place is a tourist hotbed for cliff diving. Thus, if you want to fill your mind and body with enthusiasm at the same time, Lake Powel is waiting for your arrival.


The Harry Potter Series

Gloucester Cathedral Harry Potter

While you wouldn’t be able to see Dumbledore or Lord Voldemort for that matter, the prospect of seeing the very classrooms where Hermione Granger and Harry Potter studied is mouthwatering.

Thus, if you want to enamor yourself with the aura of this move, a visit to the Gloucester Cathedral is a must for you. To make matters easy, the administration of the Cathedral has started hosting tours for the incoming parties.

However, if you feel that visiting one location won’t be enough, the Bodleian Library in Oxford and Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire were also being chosen as the Hollywood Movie Sets

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