A brief history of Fashion and why it’s Repetitive.

5 years ago

If there’s anything that has been through several trends, I’m not sure it has been through as many cycles compared to fashion. What’s fashion anyway? In lay man’s terms it’s simply a popular style of clothing, footwear or accessory. It also includes hair and make up as well and for those wondering why they even fit in this category, you probably need to interview the fashioners. By default, fashion “generally” means clothing and every other element which falls under it.

This popular style or trend has unconsciously been a part of our existence and to some extent, defines clearly who we are and what we stand for. Just think about the clothes, shoes, hairstyles and imagine how incomplete our lives will be without them. This exposes the magnitude of it’s importance and why we shouldn’t see them as “one of those things”. In other words, we shouldn’t put ourselves in any position to disregard the value of fashion in our lives. With respect to culture, individuals are even identified based on their preference for some particular type of fashion.

Interestingly, the trend of fashion dates back to the 12th Century when it was purely simple and not as sophisticated as what we have today. These old-school years were characterised by men, dressed in either long or knee-length tunics and ladies in a simple gown or tunic. Wool however, remained dominant as the primary fabric used for the design of most clothing back in the day. On the other hand, silky materials were readily available for the wealthy or upper class due to the fact that it was expensive.

Shifting away from history, let’s focus on the most intriguing issue of why fashion is constantly so repetitive. It’s not a bad thing though. So far us we don’t end up looking like medieval clowns, it’s acceptable. Rewinding back a few years and fast forwarding to today, the obvious analysis indicates that fashion clearly repeats itself. As I’ve already mentioned, it’s not weird and it shouldn’t be made to look as such. Every fashion trend from the earliest manufacture of garments, shoes and to the best made hairstyles are characterised by one simple phrase: In the space of time, they return to vogue. Clothes with padded shoulders, petticoats, skirts have also come a long way. Even the most appalling and extremely worst styles make a grand return. Any reason for this occurrence?

Well, good things don’t die which also means that they never go out of style. It’s also sheer evidence of the fact that we are somehow dependent on our past. These fashion trends may only see some slight changes and adjustments but their skeletal elements still remain. That’s clearly my explanation for this. Reference can also be made to the media. The old movies are still showing through our various television outlets and once we see a style we love, we go for it.

Make sure you don’t rip your favourite clothing into shreds. Who knows? It might just come back as a masterpiece and you’d regret not keeping them. Indeed, the decision is yours to make.

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