Supreme ’16 Spring/Summer Lookbook

Supreme's much needed boost?
5 years ago

Supreme has just released the lookbook for their upcoming season offerings. Its very first collection since Max Vanderwoude Gross became the brand’s new Design Director. The collection, which includes a number of lightweight jackets,  combines both bright color tones, simplistic designs and classic patterns to create beautiful, visually pleasing street wear masterpieces.

Supreme has always had its distinctive approach to fashion and might as well be one of the biggest influencers in street wear culture. When a brand recognized for its street style moves outside their comfort zone and into more of a classic style (as we see from this lookbook) its followers are either in for an absolute treat or the absolute opposite.

Having a personal enjoyment for its style thus far and seeing the changes it has gone through, I feel the upcoming season will become a breath of fresh air for Supreme’s style and brand image. One thing’s for certain, I will be definitely getting my hands on a few of the upcoming jackets.

What are your thoughts?


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