Men’s Shirt Collar Guide: The Most Stylish For This Season

6 years ago

Which shirt collar is in – and which isn’t this season?

If you are wearing a shirt while reading this, chances are – it has a collar. And although the collar is a classic element of a shirt, it is definitely a detail that can give it a certain appeal.

In a world full of styles, your taste can differentiate your style as well. When it comes to collars, they are pretty powerful. They can fit your silhouette well, extend your neck – or even shorten it.

So, what are the most stylish collars for the season?



The Button-Down Collar

Also known as ‘boyfriend shirts’, classic button-down collars have been there for a while. Brought by the Brooks Brothers in 1896, this shirt has been a classic for a variety of reasons. It is approachable, fits V-necks and sweaters and looks good with a tie – or more precisely, effortlessly cool.

The button-down collar shirt has always been a fashion symbol and an all-timer. So, sporting it this summer is definitely approved.


band shirt collars

The Band Shirt Collar

Nothing defines a fashionable collar more than the band collar. Which is interesting, since it has been known as the ‘grandad collar’ known to appear a lot in the 20s. Nowadays, men wear it with anything from shorts to dress pants. The only thing you should never attach to it is a tie. Seriously, how would you even do that?


hip shirt collars

The 1950s Open Shirt Collar

The groovy years in the USA started in the 1950s. From the king Elvis Presley to the legend Nat King Cole, R&B influences of Ray Charles and James Brown – and the countryman Johnny Cash – everyone has worn it. And it is still worn today.

Easy going, relaxed and comfortably fitting the ultimate summer look, the 1950s collar is ideally matching every vintage-inspired look.


rounded shirt collars

The Club (’rounded’) Shirt Collar

Rounded and groovy – that’s what the club collar is all about. It is narrow and dashing, which makes it unique. While you may think that it belongs to the school uniforms and private clubs only, you will be amazed of its stylish looks.


cutaway shirt collars

The Cutaway Collar

Running perpendicularly to the neck, this collar is definitely accepted for any of your casual endeavors. It can look good with a tie as well – but make sure the tie can handle it. Bulky ties won’t work – and neither will slim ones. Simply because of its ‘openness’, to be precise.

Whether you are slouchy or sharp, crisp or bold – the fashion movement is on with any of these collar styles. They are all unique and can be sported by anyone. A lesson you must learn is that neither is better than the other – just different – and that’s why you have to try them all!

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