5 Top Fashion tips men need to maximize their personal style

The Ultimate Style Guide for Gentlemen
6 years ago

Global fashionistas enjoy spotting and adopting the latest fashion trends. Fashion stylists spend much time putting together their individual interpretations on how fashion trends look best. But ultimately, regardless which fashion brand you like, it boils down to one thing: style. It’s really your personal style that matters most.

Here are 5 top fashion tips that will help max out your style:

Fashion Tip #1 


The first tip: make sure that everything you wear fits as perfectly as possible. Whether it’s a shirt or a pair of trousers, make sure it fits your body well. Don’t wear clothing that’s too loose or too tight. And if you see a piece of clothing you really like, even if it’s going at 80% discount, don’t be tempted. Do not buy if the fit is not right.

Fashion Tip #2 


Keep things as simple as possible. If you want to match your clothes with a matching accessory, like a scarf or belt, that’s fine but don’t over do it. Be sure not to wear all your favourite accessories at one go! If you’re interested to try different color combinations for your clothing, keep this in mind: Black goes well with any other color(s). Similarly, white will match any color(s). You may like to try experimenting with other 2-color combinations, e.g. a blue shirt with khaki trousers. But don’t introduce too many colors until you’re feeling confident and ready. To begin, keep it simple.

Fashion Tip #3 


Your personal style defines who you are. So it’s important you pay attention to details, and choose what you like: for example, the type of fabric, the colour, the type of shirt collar, the buttons, the length of the trousers, etc…Choose only clothing with details you like. This may sound obvious, but there are many guys out there who buy stuff they never wear. For example, if you don’t like pink, then don’t ever buy anything in pink! For more ideas, go on-line or flip through a fashion magazine.

Fashion Tip #4 


Stuffing your wardrobe with items you won’t wear isn’t the way to go. Be disciplined in what you buy. It’s better to build a wardrobe based on versatility i.e. buy items of clothing that you can mix-and-match easily. Remember this is about your personal style. If you like black, it makes sense to have different pieces in black. Similarly, if you’re attracted to very bright colors, then go for it. Whether you are a T-shirt and jeans type of guy, or you prefer a more dressy fashion style, be true to yourself. Buy fashion items you love that you will wear with confidence and flair.

Fashion Tip #5 


Some people might be tempted to buy trendy clothes they don’t really like. Never do this. Have trust in yourself and your own individual style. People may tell you your taste is so “old-fashioned”. Or that your dressing is so “blah”. Or your fashion sense is so “loud”. Do not worry about all this. Always bear in mind: You are who you are. So dress exactly how you feel, and wear whatever makes you feel good. Happy shopping.

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