Luxury Yacht Exhibition held at Nafplio, Greece in May

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6 years ago

This year’s Luxury Yacht Exhibition will be held at Nafplio, Greece from May 7-10. The organizer is once again the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism, which emphasized that the marine industry continues to play an important role in the Greek economy.

During a period when Greece is facing slow growth, a brain drain, and job losses, the tourism sector is one pillar that has held steady. With the country blessed with a myriad of naturally beautiful islands, marine tourism remains a key focus for the Greek tourism authorities.

According to statistics that were published last year, thousands of foreigners arrive every year in Greece on private yachts. These ultra-affluent tourists love the Greek boating lifestyle, its numerous coastlines and the beauty of its landscape. As a result, the yachting industry is flourishing in Greece even in these difficult economic times.

“Tourism is still the major industry of the country and paves the way for years of professional sea tourism and especially yachting. Reliable employers maintain thousands of jobs annually in an industry that attracts the cream of international visitors to Greece” says Michalis Skoulikidis, President of the Greek Association of Marine Tourism.

The first Luxury Yacht Exhibition was organized back in 2014. However, after witnessing the positive response from the foreign press, international customers and luxury yacht brokers alike, its organizers decided to make the Luxury Yacht Exhibition an annual event.

2016 sees the 3rd Luxury Yacht Exhibition which is geared up to meet the demands of the most discerning customers from around the globe. In addition to its naval tradition and rich history, the beautiful landscape around Nafplio makes it a perfect locale for the unveiling of the latest luxury yachts to the world market.

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