The Luxury of Mega Yachts: Why you need to invest in them

A hefty investment, but is it worth it?
6 years ago

Nothing can be absolutely more luxurious than getting yourself a fleet of mega yachts but that for sure, won’t come on a silver platter. You would have to go the extra mile to get yourself one of those. Picturing the mindset of a couple of moguls, you would get to know that acquiring a super yacht is nothing but a basic requirement. There are a myriad of reasons why anyone will want to own a yacht but in most cases, the love for the outdoor environment is what drives their decision. Most often, Luxury yachts are used for cruising and racing. These mid-sized ocean vehicles also come in handy when you intend taking breaks from a pretty stressed up schedule.

There’s also what I choose to call a “Game of Yachts” where rich and famous individuals look to hold the title of the individual with the largest and most luxurious yacht. Most of these guys spend millions of dollars expanding their already huge sea boats into something more extraordinary. In 2015, Russian billionaire Andrey Igorevich upgraded his £190m boat to a 300ft high superyacht with eight floors at a cost of £260m. The colossus effortlessly earned the reputable title as the world’s largest sailing yacht.

However, there’s a bigger picture which shouldn’t go unnoticed. There are some remunerative benefits when it comes to investing in a mid-sized yacht other than the usual objective of cruising your way out of town. Luxury Yachts also present whooping business opportunities for individuals who are willing to take advantage of the niche.That being said, there are a couple of tycoons out there, who are investing a millions worth of their fortune in the construction of mega sized yachts for purposes of earning additional income.

This speaks volumes of what it actually means to invest in one. If you can afford a yacht and willing to rack in some huge investments, here’s what you should consider:



This is arguably one of the most lucrative joints if you want to jump into the world of making some real earnings. Yacht charters have grown popular all over the globe, typically in areas with enough ocean covering. Yacht charters provide an amazing opportunity for people to invest financially. For the vast majority of rich party freaks, there’s always one thing that comes to mind when they are thinking of weekend getaways and that’s renting a Yacht.Yeah right! If you want to make that trip to the most ideal island destination, there’s only one thing you need to include on your budget list and that’s the provision for a yacht. Yachts are relatively expensive so count yourself lucky if you can afford one and imagine the profits you can make by simply chartering your ‘toy’.



Have you ever thought of the possibility of transforming your yacht into an exclusive event destination? Think about the parties and events you can host by just making a few upgrades on your oceanic masterpiece. Over the past few years, a lot of people have resorted to hiring mega yachts for their personal indoor/outdoor events. Corporate conferences and team building activities among other activities can be hosted on a yacht. Just imagine the countless possibilities of making a fortune out of these events.


Creating your own race club could be your source to making some real cash. There are a number of ocean racing events out there which offer amazing opportunities for people to race in style. There’s no way you’re going to miss out on making some returns even for the mere reason that you show up as a participant of the race.

I know for sure that there are a number of other ways you can earn some bucks as a yacht owner which I haven’t listed. Nonetheless, I’m still glad that I’ve been able to psych your mind on the reason why you ought to invest in one.

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