HP Unveils World’s Thinnest Laptop

As thin as a AAA Battery
5 years ago

Being touted as the World’s Thinnest Laptop, HP unveiled Spectre Laptop on Tuesday with has a thickness of 10.4 millimeters. If you want to envisage the thickness, the AAA battery is as thin as the HP Spectre.

After years of following the leads of Apple and MacBook, HP now believes that Spectre would start the period of its domination on the world market. HP’s vice President of Customer Experience also stated that this new Laptop has the ability to position HP at the epitome of modern World innovators.

Although this Laptop won’t be available to consumers in the UK until July, they could pre-order it with a price ranging from $1170 – $1250, as reported by the Company’s Press briefing on Tuesday.

With a 72 % color range and a weight of almost 2.5 pounds, the HP spectre has an anodized aluminum on its top with a casing made of carbon fiber on the bottom. Also, the diagonal size of the HD screen is 13.3-inches.

Depending on what you pay, the HP spectre has utilized i5 and i7 processors in the machine. Also, eradicating the problem of over-heating of its laptops, HP has embedded a hyperbaric chamber on the outer side of the process to prevent it from overheating.

Although HP has said that Spectre will compete with all market giants, the main focus of the World’s Thinnest Laptop is the Apple’s MacBook. Just before Spectre was unveiled, it was the MacBook that was considered as the World’s thinnest Laptop. In addition to combating with MacBook on the size front, the price of HP Spectre is also less as compared to its Apple’s Counterpart.

Another factor that elevates Spectre above MacBook is its Processor. HP has deployed a powerful sixth Generation Intel Processor into Spectre which is definitely more powerful to the one that Apple uses in its MacBook.

Thus, while HP has made a huge stride in its quest of becoming the leading Innovator, it remains to be seen how the likes of Apple respond.

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