Raden Smart Luggage: Keep Your Luggage Secure With This App

Have Peace Of Mind When You're Out On The Road
6 years ago

When was the last time you tripped over losing your luggage? Do you miss your favorite luggage case while you are sitting sad next to the airplane window? Well, you can forget that with Raden Smart Luggage – and start to bond with your luggage even when it’s not next to you.

Obviously, the Raden Smart Luggage is more than just a trackable suitcase. It is actually a luggage bag that comes in various sizes, each designed to tailor to your most particular needs. As a company, Raden lives and breathes practicality, durability and high-end tech features. And it makes sure you get to experience all of these benefits with their brand new Raden Smart Luggage.

The travel bag comes in a variety of styles and is wonderfully linked to any smartphone through its seamless app. And the integration (and the luggage bag styles) looks like this.


Raden smart luggage

What’s The Raden Smart Luggage All About

In an advanced era of technology, everyone’s got a smartphone. We use them for everything and anything – and now, we can use them for tracking and controlling our luggage in a variety of ways.

The Raden Smart Luggage is a super-neat, stirdy and minimalist bag that is bombed with polycarbonate shell on the outside, making it sleek when it comes to durability as well. And yes, it’s able to carry your clothes, razor blades and underwear.

But the list doesn’t stop here – as you would expect with a normal briefcase. Because Raden Smart Luggage is designed for millenials. It comes with a set of embedded electronics including two USB charging ports, a swappable battery and a Bluetooth app connecting it to your phone. That looks like this.

Raden smart luggage app

And What Are The USB Ports On The Raden Smart Luggage For?

It’s for charging your smartphone, tablet, wireless speaker or any other form of tech-savvy creature you may have in your pockets. But the interesting part, is actually the Raden Smart Luggage App.

You can pair your phone with your bag and stream every information on its surroundings. This includes where your pal is located and how much weight does it carry. Yay, no more weight scales!

Raden Smart Luggage, however, comes with a lot more information. It shows you the local weather in the city or location you arrive, the closest airports from the location you may be and all the public transportation options (yep, including a direct link to UBER).

You can also lock the Raden Smart Luggage through an integrated TSA-lock, or do your airport drifting with it with its four recessed wheels and a super-strong side handle.

To top off everything, the Raden Smart Luggage is actually very lightweight – weighing only 7,5 pounds. As for the design, the company aimed for the minimalist one since it may cater to everyone’s style.

Your travel life has just become easier – as the Raden Smart Luggage bag collection has just been invented. Or as we like to call it, our little peace of mind while travelling.

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