Hidden Beaches In Bali That Will Make You Drool

5 years ago

Are you a beach lover? Love the taste of the turquoise-sandy mesh on your skin? Or maybe searching for hidden beaches in Bali – and other hotspots?

If yes is your answer, prepare to be amazed. We are bringing 5 hidden beaches in Bali you can only get to – alone. Psst!

nyang nyang beaches in bali

Virgin Sands – Nyang Nyang Beach

Long and long pristine sands covered by green cliffs….That is how the Nyang Nyang beach looks like. If you fancy exploring and are saying ‘Hooray!’ on every get-lost adventure, this place will touch the solitude side of your soul. Plus, for many adventurers it’s the top choice from all the hidden beaches in Bali.

perasi beaches in bali

Perasi Beach – Karangasem, East Bali

Brace yourself, Chris Isaak, we are going to get you. Yes – Perasi beach is the ultimate ‘Wicked Game’ beach getaway, and definitely one of the top beaches in Bali. It is also referred to as Pasir Putih, ‘White Beach’ or ‘White Sand Beach’ – wondering why? Stretched to 5 kilometers east of Candidasa, it also offers local seafood restaurants and great adventures.

balangan beaches in bali

Balangan – Pecatu, Jumbaran

If you love surfing, this is one of the best beaches in Bali for that. It is located on the northern side of a cliff, forming the signature hole 15 of the New Kuta Golf course. Nicknamed as ‘Dreamland’ by many surfers, Balangan beach also offers super meals, cold beer and refreshments packed up in the local food joints. Yes – living can be easy!

green bowl beaches in bali

Green Bowl – Ungasan South Bali

This is one of the most unique beaches in Bali and a true hidden gem for every adventurer. It blends the beauty of the rocky cliffs with greeny leafs on top of them – and the amazing bat caves formed by our Mother Nature. So, are you up for peeking a bit?

Whether you are visiting the island or just marking the hotspots for your bucket list, these beaches in Bali will definitely make the most of your holiday. In fact, almost everyone goes to Bali just because of the amazing beaches it offers, the long stretches of white sand that make the feet comfy and the unique sense of an Asian paradise.

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