Apple Electric Car: Sooner than you think?

5 years ago

After dominating the communications market for more than a decade, Apple may be set to revolutionize the automobile market if rumours are to be believed. Beyond such rumours, Guardian now reports that an Apple electric car might not be a far-fetched dream after all.

Rumours began after Apple’s recent decision to hire Chris Porritt. In addition to working with the likes of Aston Martin and Tesla Motors, Porritt has been a renowned car designer in the industry. As a result, when Apple decided to hire him for their R&D department, based in Germany, a wave of curiosity swamped Industry Professionals.

Apple’s efforts of making an electric car hit a bump at the start of this year when the project leader left the company. Thus, the hiring of Porritt might be seen as an effort by the American tech giant to realize its dream of making an electric car in due time.

Looking at his history with the former employers Tesla and Porritt was commendable in his previous job. In fact, he played a major part in all three of Tesla’s Major cars namely the Models 3, S and X. In addition to Porritt, a separate team of engineers has been working in an Apple plant that is located in Germany.

Thus, when you take a look at the composition of the team – it consists of 15-20 members, almost all of them could be classified as progressive thinkers.

When Will the Electric Car hit the street?

apple electric car 1

Although Apple has hit a few speed-breakers over the years, the Company still expects that the Apple Electric Car will heat the street in 2019. A further glance at the suggested specifications set the car won’t be self-driven as Apple says it will take some time for them to make a fully automated car.

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