Meet the Toyota Setsuna: A Complete Wooden Electric Car

A car that is made entirely of Wood
5 years ago

A cursory glance at this vehicle might not tell you, however, brace yourselves to welcome arguably the most unique car of 2016. Its uniqueness, as suggested by the title, lies in its exterior as the New Toyota Setsuna is a Wooden Electric Car.

Thus, if you belong to that marginal category of vehicle owners who have grown restless due to the accumulation of rust in their vehicle’s engine, this new Toyota Setsuna is here for you.

Although you might not think of it in that way, the Japanese Car-maker is claiming that it has designed the vehicle to last for generations. In fact, according to the Car Maker, this car has all the capabilities to be your Family car for decades to come.

Taking care of the fact that this car is to be driven in the real world where accidents are a common occurrence, Toyota hasn’t used nails in the binding of the wood panels. In fact, the car is comprised of 86-wood panels, all of whom are attached to the chassis of Toyota Setsuna. Thus, the whole exterior would have to be changed in case this car is involved in a collision.


Japanese cedar has been employed in the Manufacturing of Toyota Setsuna

toyota wooden electirc car


In order to make this car more durable and “coughs” flexible, the Japanese Car maker has employed Japanese cedar. Ranging from the doors of the car to its seats, mirrors and steering wheel, all of them are hand polished.

Although this lacquering could have been carried out by a spray, Toyota cites that it has used human hands to allow the color of the material to change with age. Thus, greater the number of years of the usage of this car, more color change it will be subjected to.

Moreover, Toyota has also kept in consideration its environmental duties. The car will be driven on electricity which makes this two-seat roadster a gift to the ever declining environment. The car is 3030mm long with a 1480mm width and a height of around 970mm.


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