Mercedes Benz-Maybach: The ultimate luxury sedan

6 years ago

Considerably one of the finest mid-sized vehicles Mercedes Benz owe’s to its fleet of flagship vehicles, the Mercedes Benz-Maybach is the real deal.This fierce chef-d’oeuvre has undoubtedly earned its reputation on the road tracks. The 8th wonder of the world as I would perfectly describe it; is characterized by implicit sophistication, comfort, extraordinary engineering and cutting-edge technology.

The S class model has sure been running for over 100 years and has perfectly surged as one of the most luxurious cars you can ever find on the planet. However, the Mercedes Benz-Maybach definitely adds the cherry to the cake. Even though the “Maybach” brand fell short of it’s expectations and it’s production halted, it looks like it’s made a huge return in grand style.



The Mercedes Benz-Maybach is a true reflection of absolute beauty both inside and outside. The interior is home to a 12.3-inch LCD screen which sits in the dashboard, a switch design for controlling the HVAC( the technology used in vehicles to control environmental comfort) is off the hook and a steering wheel with all the cruise control buttons which is second to none.The exterior design is spot on! It features a streamlined body with soft edges and tight proportions as well as an adaptive LED headlamp also known as the intelligent light system which makes the beauty from outside, one to remember. It will take me at least an additional 1000 words to discuss the internal and external design of the S-class sedan but you know what? Never mind!



With a 6.0L bi-turbo V-12 engine and 523 horsepower, it’s definitely a beast on the tracks. It also includes 5.0 acceleration margin(0-60) meaning that it will take as little as 5 secs to reach a speed of 60 mph. Isn’t this so unique? I guess so.



Arguably the most important consideration you make when buying a car, the fuel economy is the first thing most people will consider before making a move to purchase a vehicle. The Mercedes S-class is built on one of the world’s most advanced engines with high performance. I would definitely say that the fuel consumption matches the engines capability so it’s fair enough. Simply put, the car is on point when it comes to fuel economy.



The price for the Mercedes Benz S-Maybach is reasonable considering the class it belongs to and what goes into making the car. With a starting price of $189 350, you can drive your way through to happiness.



No vehicle earns the badge of greatness when it sucks at ensuring the safety of its users. However, the S-class sticks to it’s ingenuity as the best when it comes to safety. It comes with 11 airbags, a collision-mitigation system with an ABS(anti-lock braking system), lane-keeping assist,night vision and an intelligent lighting system among others.In fact, it’s fitted with all the state of the art technology safety equipments needed to make it the safest machine to ride in.

Eventhough the Mercedes Benz-Maybach competes against cars such as the BMW 7-series and the Audi A8, it still hasn’t lost its groove to any of these car models. Truly, it’s maintained its position as the ultimate luxury sedan.

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