HP Auctioning Limited Edition 18k Gold Laptop adorned with Diamonds

A perfect combination of Power and Luxury
5 years ago


Combining luxury with texture, the World renowned duo of Boontje and Hannah has combined with the American Tech Giant to come off with an 18k Gold Laptop. Along with the duo, the in-house HP designers also worked to create a perfect blend of luxury and power.

“We have brought in the designers to create an extraordinary experience on our thinnest laptop ever, reinventing how luxury design and powerful laptop technology can come together to create spectacular works of art,” said Stacy Wolff, vice president, design, personal systems, HP Inc.

Although this 18K Gold Laptop could be considered as the brainchild of Dutch-born, UK based designer Tord Boontje, the work of art which you would see at the back of the laptop is a work of Hannah. Thus, it could be claimed with an ease that both of them have worked side by side to present arguably the most luxurious HP Laptop ever.

Looking at the exterior of the laptop and there is only one thing: gold plating. Maintaining the tradition of HP to include its logo on the back of the screen, the two designers decided to coat it with diamonds. In addition, to match the exterior of the laptop, the keyboard is also plated with 18k gold.

One difference that you might note in the exterior is the coating of the Power button. Unlike the keyboard and the exterior – both of whom are gold plated, the Power button is made up of diamonds to enhance its sparkling.


The Money Received from Auctioneering will go to Nelson Mandela Foundation

nelson mandela foundation

HP has announced that all the money that they will receive from this auctioneering will go to the charity of Nelson Mandela. This Organization was founded in 1999 by Mandela himself and promotes his lifelong vision of freedom, equality and justice.

While the Laptop was unveiled to the world this week, HP states that its auctioneering will take place in May.

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