Tesla Model S Now With Autopilot, But At What Cost?

The future of automobiles?
5 years ago

We’ve always known that one day cars would drive themselves, well today may just be that day. Tesla Motors is preparing to release upgrades to its’ S and X model vehicles in its’ new 7.0 software. Come Thursday, the software will bring a new level of modernity to the models and will enable them to function autonomously.

Although many drivers have already purchased the package for $2,500 when they bought their cars, in order to acquire the autopilot feature, some owners may pay up to $3,000.

The Tesla upgrade has been described as Elon Musk, the Tesla CEO as being used “to increase comfort and safety when conditions are clear.” A few of its’ key features include auto-steer, auto lane change, side collision warning and even auto-park. Tesla is truly becoming the innovative leader of automobile manufacturing.

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